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$0 Down Bail Bonds in Whittier Ca."You Work You Bail" Bail Bonds in Whittier at 562-867-7900

What to expect if arrested and being held in the Whittier Police Station Jail:

The Booking process in Whittier Police Station Jail Can be anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, and potentially it could be longer if the booking traffic is greater

Inmates will remain at the station until their court date unless they have a medical situation or an out of city/county warrant.

The Whittier Jail is set up to handle both male and female inmates.

If you have a loved who is being held in the Whitter Police station contact All American Bail Bonds in Whittier @ 562-867-7900 for immediate bail information.

Whittier Bail Bonds, how we can help:

Whittier's Bail Bonding Company
All American Bail Bonds has been operating a bail bonding service in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino County for over ten years; we have multiple offices throughout Southern California and a network of bail bonding locations throughout the United States.

All American Bail Bonds also has multiple payment options for all of those in need, with interest free payment plans with as littler as $0 (zero) down.

If you are looking for a bail bonding service for an inmate in the Whittier Police station jail than give us a call  @ 562-867-7900 to speak with a local bail agent

Don't let collateral be a concern! Often potential clients are concerned that they may not qualify for a bail bond because of the lack of collateral. Here at All American Bail Bonds our general policy is "You Work You Bail." We believe that everyone deserves a chance and if employment can be verified than we will write a "Signature Bond." (click for details)

Please visit Tips on Choosing a Bail Bond Company for detailed information on what to look for and what to expect when looking for a bail bondsman.

About the Whittier Police Station and Station Jail:

The Whittier Police Department currently handles the law enforcement of both the city of Whittier and the city of Santa Fe Springs. The Whittier Police Department had taken on the policing duties of Santa Fe Springs after the Whittier Police Department was contracted to do so in 1995.

Whittier Police Station
The Whittier Police Department is located @
13200 Penn Street
Whittier. Ca. 90602
Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sat and Sun 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Dispatch runs 24 Hours a day

Santa Fe Springs Sub-Station
    The Santa Fe Springs Police Services Station is located @
    11576 Telegraph Road
    Santa Fe Springs, Ca. 90670
    Hours of operation
    Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 6:30 pm (every other Friday Closed)
    Sat and Sun Closed

(The Santa Fe Springs Sub-Station does not have a jail but does offer                                            
services such as fingerprinting and additional services)
Please check out the Santa Fe Springs web site for all additional law enforcement services

The Whittier police department was created in 1917, the department originally consisted of only one officer with the following year a second officer was brought on. Over the next decade the department grew gradually and by the early 1930's they began to modernize by bringing on additional officers and motorcycle officers. By 1965 the department contained a force of 78 sworn officers. For more information on the history  of the Whittier police department please visit the Whittier Police Departments web site.

More recently in 2011 Chief Jeff A. Piper was officially sworn in as Chief of Police.
The Whittier Police Department provides a variety of law enforcement services to the citizens of Whittier and Santa Fe Springs. The Whittier Police Department is currently comprised of 128 sworn police officers and 54 civilian staff. The Whittier Police Department currently has six lieutenants and fourteen sergeants.

About the city of Whittier:

Whittier is a city in Los Angeles County about 12 miles southeast of Los Angeles. As of the 2010 census the population of Whittier was just over 85,000 people.

Whittier's roots can be traced back to 1784 to a Spanish Soldier who received a land grant from the the Spanish as a reward for his military service. According to the United States Census Bureau the city of Whittier covers a total area of 14.7 square miles. Whittier is bordered by the cities of Hacienda Heights, City of Industry, Pico Rivera, La Habra Heights, La Habra, Santa Fe Springs, and parts of the San Gabriel Valley.
As previously mentioned the city of Whittier has its own police force of over 100 officers, but it does contract its fire services through the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The city has 3 fire stations, Station 28, 27, and 59 with LA County Fire Batallion 8 servicing the unincorporated areas of Whittier.

The telephone area code is 562 and the postal codes are the following:
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